108 Skyscraper: Southern Hemisphere’s Tallest Residential Building


Fender Katsalidis completed the Australia 108 skyscraper in Melbourne, which stands at 319 metres and is the southern hemisphere’s tallest residential structure. With a golden star dubbed the Starburst interrupting its pristine lines, the 100-story tower was planned to become a landmark on the city’s skyline. The skyscraper features a rectangular ribbed design and a fully glass façade to provide views across the city and is located near the studio’s 297-meter-tall Eureka Tower. Horizontal white bands wrap around the building, and around two-thirds of the way up, a giant cantilevered golden star protrudes six metres forth from the skyscraper.

The Large Cantilevered Golden Star On The Skyscraper

The star design was informed by the Australian flag by Fender Katsalidis

The Commonwealth Star on the Australian flag inspired the design of the golden star, which is intended to form an exclamation point on the skyline, according to the firm. Fender Katsalidis director Craig Baudin remarked, “It’s unusual for an architecture practise to design two of the city’s tallest buildings, and we’re thrilled to have done so in Melbourne.” “We’ve utilised this as an opportunity to have a discussion with the towers, allowing them to be partners in the skyline while expressing their own personalities,” he said.


“Despite being confined by a rather small site, the Starburst’s dramatic cantilevered shapes allow us to create a generosity of social spaces to these levels.”

Salient Features Of The Building

An infinity pool overlooks Melbourne by

The highest residential building in the southern hemisphere is Australia 108. Despite its overall height of 322.5 metres, the Q1 Tower in Surfers Paradise is capped by a spire, and its roof height is just 245 metres above the ground. In other parts of the world, Sou Fujimoto Architects is teaming up with Mitsubishi Jisho Sekkei to construct Japan’s tallest skyscraper, while Dock Mill by Urban Agency is slated to become one of Europe’s tallest timber structures.


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