A High Path Through Mumbai’s Woods Is Soon To Be Realised.

The gentler parts of the city landscape often go unnoticed in a city full of frenetic development on all fronts. Especially people in Mumbai’s Malabar Hill area, complete with a bubbling brook, fascinating flora and intrigues, are so ingrained that they are covered in a sight of the plains. Now it is almost like a newly-discovered gem to act as the panoramic backdrop for a tourist and forest path in local facilities. This was nevertheless a frequent occurrence during his career for Rahul Kadri, a partner and principal architect at IMK Architects.

“I have been walking through this little stretch of land since I was a child,” he explains. “Only a few people know that this area of the city has a micro forest of 12 hectares. More than that, it had become “a dark alley that bootleggers, drug traders, etc. have taken over—and that’s why the BMC has shut it down for the past 15 years or so,” he says.

Return to the Forest Command

About a year ago, around the time of the first lockdown, Kadri returned to the neighbourhood. “My wife Shimul and I walked through the neighbourhood, and I brought her in here one day, walking over the door, charmed both of us.”

Depending on the concept

Although the municipal committee discussed net expansion and different design options, Kadri worked hard on design. He came close at this point and pitched the idea at Sangita Jindal. “She was thrilled and offered any help she could. We needed to develop them in theory enough to make them acceptable at that point. The budget was given and part of it was financed by the JSW Foundation.” This concept design is fortunately a physical reality now.

Kadri and his colleagues also have benches and observation platforms as well as a glass floor where the path is most wide. to enhance the experience. “We want the lighting to be simple so that it is directly illuminated by the handrail.

It will only be adequate to clear the road on the forest floor without spillage.” The flora and wildlife, which are fascinating in its diversity, ranging from snakes and mongoose to a variety of birds, are erected at regular intervals. The forest path, which is intended as a tourist attraction in the city, is to be ticked so as to avoid becoming an ecological attraction for everyone.

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