Adaptive Reuse Projects By Renowned Architects


In the realm of architecture and urban planning, the responsible use and consumption of natural resources, as well as the effects of the construction industry, have been continuous concerns. Clean slates, large demolitions, and the construction of entirely new structures were formerly generally accepted and promoted. Nowadays, it appears that a shift is underway, necessitating new approaches such as recycling, adaptive reuse, and restorations that take advantage of what is already available. This article examines a number of projects and offers insight into prominent architects’ alterations in pre-existing structures.

Cautious And Minimalistic Approach

Interventions in Pre-existing Architecture: Adaptive Reuse Projects by Renowned Architects,Transformation of 530 dwellings in Bordeaux. Image © Philippe Ruault

The Pritzker Prize was given to Lacaton & Vassal, a French architectural pair whose work expresses the democratic spirit of architecture and their respect for the built and natural surroundings, in 2021. The projects of Lacaton & Vassal begin with a thorough examination of the environment and surroundings, proposing interventions that consider the many various levels of interaction, such as cultural, economic, spatial, and material, allowing the architects to take a cautious and minimalistic approach.


This results in architecture that is less concerned with aesthetics and more concerned with functionality and quality, all while working with a limited budget and a limited material palette. The transformation of 530 housing units in Bordeaux is one example of this. This project focuses on restoring the building’s structural integrity, while the remainder of the projects aim to enhance the original design’s major qualities by replacing windows and adding balconies, terraces, and winter gardens. This solution improves the project’s quality without causing significant destruction and trash.

Design For Pre-Existing Structures

Interventions in Pre-existing Architecture: Adaptive Reuse Projects by Renowned Architects,Tai Kwun Centre for Heritage and Art by Herzog & de Meuron. Image © Iwan Baan

However, this delicate method is not used in every design for pre-existing structures. Many renowned architects have chosen more extreme solutions that emphasise the intervention, such as Payette and Renzo Piano Building Workshop’s Harvard Art Museums Renovation and Expansion, where the contrast between old and modern is highlighted in materials and architectural language. The result is a building in which two styles dwell in perfect harmony, both inside and out.


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