Brasserie 2050 Restaurant by Overtreders W – Barn Of The Future


Brasserie 2050 Restaurant is a zero-waste barn come restaurant for Dutch Festival. This pop-up zero-waste restaurant is designed by an architecture firm that specializes in temporary structures, Overtreders W at the Lowlands Festival in the Netherlands.

The Overtreders W has built this barn and restaurant from borrowed materials. This restaurant was designed for a catering company named ‘The Food Line Up’. It was mainly constructed for the festival. This took place from the 17th of August to the 19th of August in the year 2018.


The Inspiration That Leads To The Construction Of Brasserie 2050 Restaurant

The design was inspired by the idea of what the world will need to eat to support the estimated population of approximately 10 billion people. The restaurant provides a sustainable menu that contains pieces of bread baked from the peels of the potatoes and pesto cooked from kitchen leftovers.

Overtreders W Specializes in Constructing Temporary Structures

This Barn of the future is built from standard construction materials that would retain the value of the structure even after the pavilion was deconstructed, once the festival was over.



The Barn Is A Timeless Icon

A barn reminds people of a farm area that keeps on alter itself to new ways it can breed and harvest. The idea behind creating a no-waste, the temporary structure was to have no ecological footprint. It can narrate what a closed-up loop architecture looks like.

Several standard pallet racks were used to build the maximum part of the elongated rectangular structure. It has a gabled roof that is typically made from white corrugated plastic. Numerous vertical cabinets used to plant herbs in boxes formed the open façade. Piles of sacks filled with grains act as ballast for the structure that ensures its stability. Wheat, corn, onions, and garlic are hung from multiple rafters as decoration come storage thing above trestle tables. The benches of the restaurant are made from recycled plastics makes the structure more environmentally friendly.

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