Check Out The Modernist Tree Of Malibu Which Has Not Been Destroyed.


Others can wax lyrical about the new, the soulless, the empty slates. Philippe Naouri yearns for the past. “I love vintage Levi’s, vintage vehicles, vintage watches, vintage everything,” says the former Los Angeles fashion designer and developer. As a result, he saw a haven when he came across the last home designed by midcentury architect Edward Fickett in Malibu last year (a 1973 relic with its best days long gone that others thought was a teardown).

“This required Fickett”

According to Naouri, to reinterpret the modern era: His work is described as “the twenty-first century brought by the architect.” The author says, “I didn’t want to be a purist.” The downside of design in the middle of the century is that it can sometimes look too bare. “If he were here, how would Fickett do the house?” I’ve been curious.


Naouri was inspired by the creation of a natural outdoor area with oak walls and grass, an edible garden, a refurbished airstream, a yoga room, and a walkway to connect all. “I want to have a good time for visitors in the house,” says Naouri. “The hotel is meant to help you relax and enjoy your life. It was never meant to be

He chose for this the furniture from Charles and Ray Eames and Le Corbusier, the sofa from Mies Van Der Rohe, and a light from Torchiere. Alexander Calder and Robert Chuey, together with Mr Brainwash, an Naouri’s personal friend, are represented amongst the artists. “I put a photo of Jimi Hendrix in the living room, to give it a 1960s atmosphere,” he explains. “This was the last home of Fickett, with a ’60s atmosphere.”


The party continues on the Vintage Airstream, which Naouri has restored from the ground up: a kitchenette, a shower and a company bed, outside, beyond the ball courts of paddle tennis and bocce courts. “It’s hard to find a Malibu guest house,” Naouri says.

“The procedure is time-consuming. In the 1960s, the airflow was a cultural icon. It is a talk piece, an art work,” he said, adding that Fickett would like to appreciate it if he were alive today. “It’s like living in a fantasy of California,” Naouri says. The narrator says, “It is a free spirit.

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