Meet The Man Behind These Small Houses That Are Priced.


The small mansion of Chris Toledo can save you up to $200,000. Although his work in America costs more than many homes in full size, he pays attention to every detail, from gold chandeliers to working electric lights. Each house should be transferred as an heirloom.

Toledo was born and raised in a city that influenced a lot of his work. It now lives in Los Angeles. Its miniatures are all of 1/12 (or 1:1) in size and are based on Southern California architecture and design in the beginning of the 1900s. “Toledo’s inspiration continues from the Hancock Park Renaissance palaces to the charming old hollywood villas.”


Although miniatures are popular at the moment, Toledo made them since he was a young boy, and discovered in the doctor’s office a copy of Nutshell News.

In the magazine, the art of miniature and dollhouses was completely dedicated. “I had my only experience in dollhouses at that time with pink plastic dream houses for a tall blonde whose name we all know. His favourite media include woodworking, sewing, painting, architecture, and history, all covered in intricate construction. “I asked my first dollhouse kit that began a true love affair for Christmas that same year.”

In Toledo it’s not a faint heart procedure. He starts with a drawing, then proceeds to a 3D representation and finally begins to build the model with many of the same tools for creating full-size models. “The ageing and wearing component I include in all of my works is the ageing and wear component, from rust and dirt on a sink to scuffing through the walls and areas which would normally be in natural wear. This is what, gives my work its personality and that additional feeling of realism I strive for in every work.”


I insert my hand or an object in the pictures often to contrast the scales. Another reason I do this is that my thumbnails can be so realistic that people don’t know they look for a miniature.” His current commission is Philoneus J. Crumbsnatcher, a mansion in Gold Age for a childhood fictional mouse for the client. June Clinkscales, a miniature artist, works on this mansion.

While every new project he carries out becomes his favourite, Toledo believes that his most personal project is Casa California. “It’s my love letter to the city that keeps me going.”

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