Nendo’s N02 Recycled Chair for Fritz Hansen made of waste

Fritz Hansen, a Danish design company, has brought back its N02 Recycle chair, which was made by Nendo from recycled plastic, with some new features.

Oki Sato, the founder of Nendo, was inspired by a folded piece of paper on his studio table, which gave the piece its signature back crease. This provides additional back support while also being decorative.

The N02 Recycle chair is made from household plastic waste that has been processed and recycled in Europe, and it can be recycled again when it is no longer useful.

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Nendo's N02 Recycled Chair for Fritz Hansen made of waste
Nendo’s N02 Recycled Chair for Fritz Hansen made of waste

The stackable chair has been updated with a new bar and counter heights, a new transport dolly, and protection for the stool footrests that can’t be seen.

The design was made by combining the styles of Scandinavian and Japanese design. It comes in seven warm colours that are inspired by the colours of Scandinavian nature.

Working with Nendo meant the design would be simple and elegant—the perfect blend of Scandinavian and Japanese aesthetics,” said Christian Andresen, head of design at Fritz Hansen.

The No2 Recycle chair with powder-coated legs N02-10 and N02-11 got the EU Ecolabel last year.

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