Nest House By WOHA Group Of Architects

This house is part of a family compound and represents the owner’s close relationship with her grandfather, who also has a house within the compound. The design reflects the grandfather and granddaughter’s close relationship by orienting the main spaces towards his house and gardens. The ground-floor living spaces open up to the expansive gardens, while the elevated private rooms of the owner and her children are protected by a gentle curved screen. The shared gardens resemble a forest, with the rooms perched like bird nests among the trees.

Lacing And Weaving Timber In Varying Lengths And Diameters

Nest House / WOHA,© Patrick Bingham Hall

The rooms are encased in a curved textured screen made of woven timber and aluminium lattice in varying lengths and diameters. The screen serves several functions aside from being an abstract feature. It is a porous layer that protects the rooms from weather and glare while allowing filtered daylight and ventilation through; it mediates the privacy of the space behind by adjusting the intensity of its members; and it doubles as a safety barrier at the windows and attic terrace. The play of lines, edges, and shadows is carried through to the side walls, which are clad in modular timber profiles and panels.

Staggered Profile Of The Blade Walls

Nest House / WOHA,© Patrick Bingham Hall

With randomly stacked modular stone and pre-cast concrete blocks, the blade walls on which the rooms are perched are given a textured bark-like quality. The staggered profile of the blade walls, combined with deep canopies and full height windows, catch and bounce day light and cross-breezes in and through the house’s double volumes.

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