Take A Visit To Second Residence In Kolkata Sabyasachi Mukherjee.


As many of those who admire it would agree, Sabyasachi’s innovative abilities are not confined to garment creation. His house in Kolkata is a wonderful combination of all Indian stuff.

Mukherjee’s Sabyasachi is a private individual. He’s often seen in the press in the context of his modes, but rarely in any other environment. In his “useful” dwelling Mukherjee thought there was nothing he had to exhibit. He said over the telephone, “A lot of my buddies weren’t even in my flat. “How are you aware that AD is right?” he wondered. But I was conscious of it.


Interior Design with a Simple Style

Mukherjee’s accessory-laden boutiques stand in stark juxtaposition to the residence. It’s a functional, appealing apartment that smelled like home-cooked Bengali food on the afternoon of our photo shoot. It has Mukherjee’s stamp, but it isn’t overpowering. No, there isn’t a shambles.

The Old vs. the New

In the world of home design, there is a clear divide between those who adore antiques and those who do not. Mukherjee is one of the former. “I have a special relationship with age, and I embrace it,” he says. In keeping with that oddity, the flat appears to have aged prematurely. 


A place that feels nostalgic

Nostalgia infuses his shops, designs, homes and all else around him; even recollections of delightful meals are teased with want. When he was young and grew up in extraordinarily beautiful surroundings, his expectations were clearly very high, a large bungalow in Chandannagar, the old French colony outside Kolkata. In his early interests, the designer has been quoted many times including climbing woods, robbing mangoes from neighbouring garden gardens and rowing to school using handshaken boats.

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