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The Alhambra Palace: The Remnant Of The Islamic Golden Age

The Alhambra Palace is significant since it is the only palatine city from the Islamic Golden Age that has survived. The popular Spanish stronghold is an example of Islamic construction and serves as a sentimental memory of Spain’s spectacular Islamic Golden Age, which lasted from the eighth through the fourteenth century. The palace is not just a stunning piece of construction, but it is also surrounded by lush natural beauty, which Moorish poets rightly described as “a pearl set in emeralds.”

The palace was originally established as a modest castle in 889 CE, but it was rebuilt and remodelled in the 13th century by Mohammed ben Al-Ahmar, the founder of the Nasrid Dynasty of the Emirate of Granada. The Emirate of Granada was a kingdom in southern Iberia, and it was the last Muslim-held territory on the Iberian peninsula.


The Alhambra Palace And It’s Beautiful Architecture

Alhambra Palace & Generalife Gardens daytrip from Roquetas, Aguadulce &  Almeria 2021

The Alhambra Palace is located on the Sabika hill and offers a spectacular perspective of the entire city. The complex is accompanied with a number of gardens, which were designed in Persian style. The palace’s walls are covered in Arabic inscriptions that contain songs written in appreciation of the palace. They touch on the Nasrid dynasty’s religious, lyrical, and political worlds. Geometrical patterns and complex arabesque designs are used to organise them. The Alhambra palace, as a whole, reflects the civilization of Al-Andalus, or the Iberian peninsula, during the last centuries of Islamic rule.

Reasons To Visit The Palace

Alhambra Palace in Spain reopens to visitors - Global Times

The Alhambra Palace is a stunning reminder of Spain’s long-forgotten Islamic history. Whether you are a history buff or a nature enthusiast, the Alhambra Palace has something for you. It’s no surprise that the palace is one of Spain’s most well-known attractions, and its seductive architecture and surrounding natural beauty make it a genuinely spectacular destination to visit and experience.In 2007, the Alhambra was shortlisted as one of the seven new wonders of the modern world.


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