The Casa Ferrum Embodying The Essence of Monterrey

The home’s sinuous profile is inspired by the Sierra Madre Oriental’s winding ridge, while the metal pipe screen pays homage to the old town of San Pedro Garza Garca’s industrial roots and metallurgical past. The circumference of the structure is wrapped in a continuous ribbon of metal pipes that blends solid wall, window, and open-air screen.

Textures, Depths And Other Significant Contrasting Designs

Casa Ferrum / Miró Rivera Architects + Ibarra Aragón Arquitectura,© The RAWS

Rounded corners emphasise the ribbon’s flow, dissolving separate volumes and façades while reducing the trapezoidal site’s sharp corners. Depth, texture, and shade are added via punched apertures and recessed planter windows. The metal pipes act as a rainscreen for solid walls, provide privacy and shading for chosen windows, and function as a double-layered open-air screen for the entry vestibule and outdoor living space. The dark bronze finish of the window frames, sliding garage doors, and pivoting front door contrasts with the white screen.

The house and its surroundings were built around an existing tree that acts as the main point of the private garden and outdoor living area. An outdoor lounging and dining space is shaded by a cantilevered concrete ribbon wrapped in pipes, while a trapezoidal lap pool runs along the lawn’s southern side. Two big sliding glass doors that retract into a secret nook connect the living area to the backyard. Private spaces, such as bedrooms, family rooms, and support spaces like the kitchen and utility room, are divided into two wings inside the house.

Colour Palettes, Credenza And Organic Shapes At Form

Casa Ferrum / Miró Rivera Architects + Ibarra Aragón Arquitectura,© The RAWS

The interior’s material palette forms a dialogue with the exterior. Natural stone flooring runs from interior to outside on the ground level, while warmer wood was utilised on the upper levels. Interior windows and partition glass combine the interior and external languages even more, providing natural light and visual linkages throughout the house while also providing acoustic isolation and seclusion. Vertical wood panelling above the sliding doors and windows in the living room echoes the design of the outer pipe screen. The canopy of the existing tree is framed by a deep and narrow slot window in this panelling. The entrance entry’s custom-built sculptural credenza is made from.

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