10 Vastu Tips Before You Buy Your Dream Home Post The Lockdown


Because of the lockdown, developers have started offering virtual tours of their properties online. This is a completely new concept for people who have always believed in visiting and analyzing the property. Although it is natural to consider the property’s pros and cons, it is also critical to ensure that you do not purchase a home that will cause you grief in the long run, according to Vastu Shashtra. The extensive guidelines attract positive characteristics and improve your life.

In a building with four or more apartments per floor, one apartment should be 60% positive, two should be 35%-40% positive, and the third should be around 20% positive, according to Vastu Shastras. A wise buyer, guided by a vast expert, can get the best of all options at the same location, at the same cost, in the same area, and with the same facilities/alternatives.


Select at least three dream homes. The best method is to hire a Vastu expert to evaluate and select the best features of a home.

10 Vastu Tips

Do you prefer the main entrance to be on the north, north-east, or east side?


Choose a house with a lot of open space in the north-west region.

In the morning, sunlight enters your home, but not in the evening.

The kitchen should be in the southeast, the master bedroom in the southwest, and the child room in the northwest.

10 Vastu Tips

The prayer corner should be located in the region to the north-east.

It is risky to rely on directions from a floor plan or a brochure because 98 percent of them are incorrect.

According to vastu, each premise should be a square or a rectangular shape.

Developers are now claiming that their projects are extremely conforming. However, it is critical to confirm this with a large vastu consultant.

It is difficult to find a house that is completely Vastu-compliant. The doshas, however, can be removed with the assistance of an expert. These corrective actions are time-consuming.


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