A Chapel In China Is Inspired By The Moon

In All Cultures, The Moon‘s Constant Cycles Have Been Linked To Natural And Human Phenomena Such As Fertility, Birth And Death, Health And Illness.

As an image of a season’s growth derived from nature’s eternal rhythms, this dreamlike mountain chapel represents universal balance.



A territorial marketing strategy uses the moon, an ancient cultural symbol, to represent a new beginning for social and economic well-being in this remote mountainous region.

By working with Shandong Lushang Group to plan an area of 55 square kilometres, Syn Architects created a plan that seeks to balance memory and innovation with culture and productivity, with Hometown Moon as a representative manifesto. When it’s not being used for events, it serves as an art installation, with a 12m-diameter moon rising from the water as its iconic roof silhouette.


A portico leads visitors to the chapel’s full-height cubic volume, where the other half of the moon is visible. a cavity that captures natural light and diffuses it into the room and onto the moss-covered rocks.

Dual poetics is a key principle of the Tao, and the half-moon is recomposed in its entirety by its reflection on the water or on the corrugated steel ceiling. It plays with the principle of yin and yang and implies a universe in balance through the synergistic opposition of opposites in this structure.


This Le Corbusier-designed “indefinable” space has a sacred and dreamlike quality. thanks to the minimal use of artificial lighting and an expressionist vocabulary defined by exposed concrete, steel and glass surfaces.


Work that is both modern and ancient, evoking timeless symbols through timeless architecture and intended to be an indelible part of its surroundings. Because, in the words of a Song dynasty poem, “mountains and rivers change with the seasons, but clouds and the moon do not.”


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