An Aquarium House In Japan

Nao Iwanari Architecture Designed The House To Rethink Urban Living Through The Use Of Fluid Spaces And Zenithal Light.


Different functions flow into a non-separated area and zenithal light determines different atmospheres in a house designed like an aquarium. Nao Iwanari Architecture designed this 67-square-meter home, which features four levels of living space spread out over the property.



This residential building gets closer to the ground as it rises. As the Japanese architect describes the house, which has no exterior openings and a program that follows a path toward the light. There is a large outdoor terrace that connects both the service and living areas of the structure.

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Nao Iwanari Says

as Nao Iwanari goes on to explain, “creating an underwater space means creating a place to live without feeling cramped.” After the unusual aquatic metaphor, the project’s themes are typical of Japanese architecture. one of which is redefining public and private space, which was recently examined by curators Salvator-John A. Liotta and Fabienne Louyot in their exhibition, “What is Co-Dividuality?”



The aesthetic of the Japanese house has long captivated Europeans and Americans. Frank Lloyd Wright wrote in his autobiography, “At last I had found a country on Earth where simplicity, as natural, is supreme. “In these homes, the floors are all designed for everyday use. More like to sleep on and eat, kneel, and meditate on silken mats. Whether playing the flute, A number of modern architects have managed to preserve and reinterpret Japanese architectural concepts. Hence, the integration of old and new ideas has strengthened Japan’s architectural identity.

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