A Guide To Modern Architecture In Dubai.


Dubai’s achievements have been widely praised in the last 30 years. It became one of the richest cities in the world and has produced some of the world’s most ambitious architectural and architectural feats. The tallest building in the world, the largest retail centre and the largest indoor ski path is located here.

It expands its territory to the sea by building numerous islands made by people and by investing in state-of-the-art transportation and infrastructure. The World Expo 2020 will be hosted and will further cement its position as the international economic force of the Middle East.


In a desert where water is scarce, the soil is sand and regular sands and heat are threatened by regular sandstorms and sunshine, a massive city with the highest skyline in the world, exuberant green golf courses and lawns, swimming pools and a ski path should not be built.

Dubai residents need 10 per cent more water than the average American to keep their pools, fountains and luxuriant green lawns. Dubai’s entire water is desalinated from the sea at high environmental and energy costs. Ocean desalination is the most energy-intensive source of water.


In addition!

The destruction of the flora and fauna of its coast as a result of the development of artificial islands that damage its natural coast as a result of current tide shifts. It goes without saying that rapid population growth poses challenges, such as sewage dumped in the sea by a lack of waste plants that threaten the natural ecosystem.

The human factor must also be taken into account. The majority of the workforce used to build the town is migrant workers enslaved and forced into deplorable working conditions by large construction companies.

Therefore, be aware that what you see in Dubai may not represent the situation correctly. A grain of salt should be used in Dubai’s incredible tourist appeal. For every architect or architect enthusiast, Dubai is a must-visit destination, on the other hand. Not only to learn from earlier efforts but also to appreciate the technological wonder of the city. But the question is also whether it is possible to sustain such grandeur.

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