Ananti Penthouse Seoul By Ken Min Architects


In Gapyeong, Gyeonggi-do, the Ananti Penthouse Seoul is located next to the Ananti Club Seoul. It is situated in a highly forested area with a 100-year-old pine forest. I concentrated on using the slope’s height to suit the brief I was given while also ensuring that the natural environment was respected. The mass of terraced houses was built at a setback of 2.4m to optimise the benefits of the sloping landscape while also ensuring that each unit was constructed in harmony with the scale of the complex as a whole.

Ananti Penthouse Seoul And Various Activities

Ananti Penthouse Seoul / Ken Min Architects,© Namgoong Sun

We prepared a lot of novel spatial sequences for visitors to the Ananti Penthouse Seoul in addition to showcasing a new lifestyle. The gaze can wander over the landscape thanks to cracks in the mass, and various activities have been arranged between these places. We also made significant expenditures to establish ecologically friendly facilities and energy systems, resulting in environmentally friendly and beneficial constructions that are in tune with nature.


A German Facility Design Firm

Ananti Penthouse Seoul / Ken Min Architects,© Shin Kyungsub

We designed machine equipment to maximise the flow of energy by quantifying and charting the operating conditions of the resorts and the physical conditions of the land, ranging from precipitation, wind direction, air volume, seasonal temperature/humidity change, sunshine, terrestrial heat, to the amount and velocity of valley water, through a partnership with Imtech, a German facility design firm that is one of the most environmentally friendly in the world.

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