Capital Gate – The Leaning Tower Of Abu Dhabi


The leaning tower of Abu Dhabi is commonly known as the Capital Gate. It is a famous skyscraper in Abu Dhabi that stands tall with a height of 160 meters. There is a total of 35 stories. It spans over 16,000 square meters providing ample office space.

The Capital Gate is known to be one of the tallest buildings in the city. It is designed expertly and inclines to the west by 18 degrees. The very famous architectural firm RMJM is known to have designed the structure.
Аbu Dhаbi Nаtiоnаl Exhibitiоns Соmраny is knоwn tо hаve develорed the struсture. They аre аlsо knоwn tо оwn the building. This аrсhiteсture is the mаin fосus роint оf Сарitаl Сentre.


The Foundation Planning Of The Structure

The building stands on the foundation of 490 pilings. These Pilings have been drilled at a depth of 30 meters below the ground level. These deep pilings ensure to give stability to the structure against several vertical loads and lateral loads such as wind vibrations, gravitational pulls, etc.

During the construction, some of the piles were compressed initially. These were done to support the lower floors of the building. However, these piles are now in tension. This Is due to the additional stress added by the overhang.


Abu Dhabi

The Architectural Design Of The Structure

The diagrid design of the building is made to absorb the channel forces initiated by the winds and seismic loading.

The core of the structure is made of a jumping framework. The core was designed especially to bear the immense load created y the angle of the façade. The core contains 20 meters long vertical tendons. There are a total of 146 vertical steel tendons present.

The need to install columns in the structure was deducted due to the use of external and internal grids. The external grids carried the weight of the floor whereas the internal grids connected it with the external grid in transferring the load to the core.

According to Guinness World Records in 2019 the Capital Gate tower was named to be the world’s farthest manmade leaning building.

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