Da Chang Muslim Cultural Center Near Beijing


Da Chang Muslim Cultural Center near Beijing is a masterpiece designed by He Jingtang. The spectacular architecture is identified as an iconic design by the local government. The splendid architecture enhances the culture and accentuates the soft power of the city.

The Architectural Design Of Da Chang Muslim Cultural Center Near Beijing

The colonnade has petal-shaped arches. These arches create an aesthetic ambiance with an illuminated walkaway encircling the perimeter of the construction.


The total area covered by this famous architecture is 35000 square meters. It is adorned with a huge latticed dome. These speak of the excellent forms and geometric shapes found predominantly in Islamic designs.

One of the sides of this structure is reflected by a pool. This is proceeded towards via a footbridge. However, the rest of the openings face a broad public plaza.



The Sacred Institution Has Great Aesthetic Ambiance

Da Chang Muslim Cultural Centre near Beijing emphasizes the spatial structure of a mosque but using modern technologies and new materials.

The arches surrounding the structure descend to elegant curves from the bottom up making the construction look astounding and graceful.

The dome atop the colossal monument bears the abstraction of various symbols of the Islamic culture. It does not directly mimic the designs and patterns or Islamic designs. The dome is constituted of petal shells. This helps to transform the interiors into an excellently designed exterior roof garden. This roof garden is filled with natural lights and fresh air and vegetation.

The dome expands into a theatre containing a large auditorium and a stage. These arrangements are set at the center of the building.

The structure is double heighted. It is surrounded by two tiers of exhibition spaces and several rooms for multiple community activities.

This sanctuary showcases the Islamic culture at its best. The homelike environment of the sacred institution ensures a spiritual home for all, especially the followers of the Islam religion.

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