City Apartments Materials for Flooring


The flooring mainly affects the look and feel of the whole house. As urban apartments decline, it will be more important than ever to choose floors that take cost into account, durability, aesthetics and easy maintenance. Since there are so many different floor types, use this guide to make the best choice.

Hardwood flooring made of vitrified wood

Hard, long-lasting, resistant and not porous vitrified tiles. They come in plain tiles and in designs like real marble grain patterns. Here are some examples of vitrified tiles: The combination of two different colour pigments is a double charged vitrified colouration.

  • Vitrified tiles in full body in a unified colour plan
  • The tiles, made of soluble salt, are vitrified and come in a variety of patterns.
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Porcelain tiles and ceramic

Ceramic and porcelain connections are one of city apartments’ most popular tiling options. They can be obtained in a range of colours, patterns, textures and tiles in large or small sizes.

  • For low to moderate traffic, ceramic tiles for Group 4 or Group 5 are highly recommended.
  • Unglasted, glazed, joint free or rectified, porcelain tiles and digital varieties are available.

The Pierre (Natural)

A touch of warmth and texture adds a natural stone to any room. The many natural stone materials that exist as plates or floor tiles are granite, marble, sandstone or calcareous stone. One disadvantage of real stone is that it has to be screened regularly for a heavy and porous material.


Install hardwood floors in a number of wood species like oak, cherry, maple, mahagonian and walnut to add a touch of warmth. This type of floor is available on boards and parquet for a long time. The use of seasoned wood is essential for hardwood flooring, otherwise, moisture under the surface is trapped and attracts termites.


Bamboo is a very long-lasting material that can be found on boards. The bamboo is resistant to water, stain and mould and mildew.

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