Completed By Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners In Geneva.

It was built by Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners, a British architecture firm, as part of a group called RBI-T. The multicoloured and modular Aile Est airport terminal was built in Geneva, Switzerland.

Completed By Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners In Geneva.

Completed By Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners In Geneva.

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The 520-metre-long glass and steel structure was built for the La Genève Internationale airport by a group called RBI-T. This group was made up of RSHP, the architecture studio Jacques Bugna, and engineering firms Ingérop and T-Ingénierie.

Aile Est is a two-story structure that serves the international airport’s six existing aircraft stands. A lot of things are included in this: departures and arrivals, as well as transfer facilities and border checks and passenger lounges.


There are about 2,800 people who can leave at the same time and about 3,000 people who can come in at the same time.

The terminal is distinguished by its elongated, narrow shape, which RSHP refers to as an “extruded parallelogram.” It has a width of fewer than 20 metres.


This was made to work with the site’s limitations, but it also helps to make the inside of the house as bright as possible, which reduces the need for artificial lighting.

Aile Est is built in a repetitive modular fashion, with each of its six gates constructed from four 20-metre-long modules. Their structure is visible both externally and internally.

This structure, which is designed as a kit of parts, enables the building to be easily disassembled, recycled, or extended in the future. Additionally, it aided in the reduction of waste during construction.

RSHP’s trademark style is expressed through structural elements, as seen in other buildings such as the Leadenhall Building, the Macallan Distillery, and, most notably, the Lloyd’s Building.

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“RSHP has a long history of explaining the parts of the building in a clear and accurate way,” said associate partner Douglas Paul of the studio.

Completed By Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners In Geneva.

Completed By Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners In Geneva.

While the material and structural systems vary significantly between projects, they all share a meticulously detailed and expressed structure, Paul said.

This can be seen in the way all the structural parts of the building look, but especially in the structure and services.

Graham Stirk, the studio’s senior design partner, led the design of Aile Est after RBI-T won a competition to create it in 2010.

It was built to replace an airport facility that was built for short-term use in the mid-1970s. It was outdated in both technology and the environment.

According to Paul, an important part of the design that helped the project win was the layout’s emphasis on outside views.

Passengers see pilots getting ready to take off and the Jura Mountains in the distance through large windows.

“One of the critical strategies that contributed to the selection of the RSHP design consortium RBI-T was the decision to relocate the arrival passenger flow from the basement to the airfield side of the building, above the departing passengers,” Paul explained.

“The client anticipated that passengers would descend underground to access the baggage hall via a subterranean tunnel,” he continued. By contrast, passengers arriving via the Aile Est today enjoy spectacular views across the airfield to the Jura mountains to the north.

In addition, the large windows that frame these views are meant to let in as much light as possible, improve passenger and staff well-being, and help people find their way around.

As a result, each module is designed to have the fewest internal structural elements possible so that you can see as far as possible.

Completed By Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners In Geneva.

The bright baffle ceilings and seating also help people find their way around. They break up the structure’s structural repetition and make each gate stand out from the next.

This also helps to brighten the building’s natural stone flooring and exposed structure, which is painted light grey on the primary components and dark grey on the secondary structural elements.

Paul said that an airport can be stressful, especially if you don’t know where the departure gate is or how long it will take to get there.

“The Aile Est makes every effort to make navigation as simple as possible.”

To mitigate overheating and solar glare caused by the large expanses of glass, the service and stair cores have been designed to self-shade the building in conjunction with fixed louvres.

In addition, the windows are triple-glazed and have colourless coatings that help maximise natural light while keeping out the sun.

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According to RSHP, the terminal is designed to generate more energy than it consumes through on-site renewable energy sources such as photovoltaic panels and geothermal piles. From 2024, Aile Est will also be connected to GeniLac, a network that uses water from Lake Geneva to help buildings conserve energy.

In addition, there will be ways to collect and use rainwater in and around the building.

RSHP was founded in 1977 by the late architect and pioneer of high-tech architecture, Richard Rogers, who died in December at the age of 88. The studio was formerly known as the Richard Rogers Partnership until 2007 when it was renamed to reflect the studio’s partners, Stirk and Ivan Harbour’s, contributions.

There will be an airport terminal in Shenzhen, China, that will have a large covered garden at its heart.

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