Concrete Floors Have A Raw And Exquisite Elegance And A Very Warm ossibility.


Backgrounds are no longer limited to a house’s basement or subfloor. These floors now look contemporary and not only look great, they also help keep a house warm by thermal mass. Beton is also durable and poorly maintained and is available in a wide range of textures, polishes and colours. You will learn all you need to know about concrete flotation in this tuition.

What is concrete flooring exactly, and how does it work?

Concrete is a natural composite material consisting of aggregates (rocks, fluvial rocks, granite chips) and cement binders (such as calcium sulphate and calcium calcium) and water. The most basic material for the flooring and serves as a floor or base to cover the building with wood or tile or exposure to the left.


Concrete floors can be poured into a new building or the old floor as part of a renovation can be removed from the concrete plate. A number of treatments can then be used to turn the lath into a smooth, attractive flooring surface.

In terms of concrete flooring, there are a few things to consider.

The combination of mixing, colour, finishings and floor heating may all have to be determined at this time, because concrete is poured in early stages of building a new house.


Keep in mind that the initial pour was not intended to be seen when removing a floor to reveal the concrete slab. While it will function as a flooring surface after the necessary treatment, it may have an uneven appearance, with areas with little to no aggregate adjacent to areas with a lot of aggregate. Both the floor look and the budget are affected by the amount of polish used. A smooth polish or matte finish is less costly and natural and masks many of the stones in the substratum. On the other hand, a heavy polish is more expensive and exposes the stones to a more colourful look.

The advantages of concrete floors

Beton floors may be a low-cost option, but finishes, treatments and installations are the ultimate pricing.

There are countless effects that can be created on the colour and texture. Floors that already exist may be stained, teared, painted, or coloured before they are poured in the cement can be mixed.

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