Easton Is Honoured By David, A New York Legend.

He became well known as a real classicist for his English manors, opulent interiors and flawless attention to detail. He was prominent in 1985 by designing Albemarle House for entrepreneurs John and Patricia Kluge, a 23,000 square metre Georgian estate near Charlottesville, Virginia. When he met Ms Kluge for the first time he drew her design for the 45-room brick home on a cocktail serving.

He transitioned seamlessly from the architect, interior designer, furniture manufacturer and landscape designer through to illustrious careers. Easton imagined that “the tree of tipping, furnishings, images, textiles, the cover of walls and the hang of curtains, and their fall of light, they all translate into the making of the dancing room” in relation to each other, in his monograph, Timeless Elegance, “all aspects of a home.

He collaborated with several designers worldwide, including the contractor Ranjit Ahuja and the craftsmen in his Mumbai studio.

Ahuja recalls in this post his mentor and friend explaining why he will always be dear to his kindness and his contagious mood: David was part of a small group of top designers who caught the attention of America when I first met him in the 1980s and 1990s. At that time, I lived as a director of Shyam Ahuja in my 20s in New York, a family-owned textile home and tobacco business. David, whose opulent English-style manors already enchants America’s magnates, will show me his business.

David has brought together his charming staff of interior decorators to show me my latest examples of hand-brought custom-made textiles every time I have been to New York since then. We worked together on early project revealed hints of his demanding tastes: to achieve a perfect colour he would have me paint two or three different yarns.

He didn’t place time or money constraints on himself in France when creating an 18th-century hand-embroidered cloth. The threads throughout the leaves were delicately divided into both sides in a sophisticated floral arrangement to mimic the appearance of a true leaf.

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