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Goa Home Of Yuvraj Singh: 5 Facts You Haven’t Heard

Yuvraj Singh’s Goa retreat is defined by panoramic views of the gorgeous and lush green setting, where he spends his time with his family. A list of five fascinating facts on this opulent residence has already been compiled.

Holiday homes offer the opportunity to rest and rejuvenate from hectic working hours before returning to the daily grind. Isn’t it marvelous to conceive of a lovely home on a bluff with a quiet, lush, and green setting? The beautiful Yuvraj Singh Shrine is on a Morjim, Goa hill. Amazing views and complete privacy will be provided to the old Indian batsman and his family on the property near the Arab Sea.


1. The property offers views to the villages of Goan.

The residence was designed by Nitin Katwani and designed by Arvind D’souza for the Sun Estates Developers. It is at the Arabian Sea and Chapora river meeting point. The home overlooks the surroundings of greenery and the Goan villages below, as well as the water views.

2. Santorini and traditional Goan architecture inspired the exterior of the house.

The colour scheme is similar to Greek houses with white and blue accents. Suraj Morajkar, the Founders of Sun Estates, explains, “The holiday home style was combined with traditional Goan houses, drawing inspiration from Santorini.


3. This property will give Yuvraj and his family complete privacy.

The lower floor of the house opens to an outdoor environment with gates, potted floors, a swimming pool, and a swimming bar, ideal for leisure and parties. “With the approaching monsoon season, we had to ensure that there was no weather damage and that the house in the South West was situated.”Yuvraj wanted open spaces with green spots in which to relax, and also ensured that its privacy needs were met,” says Morajkar.

4. The house is just furnished a little bit.

This space is dominated by stupid, restrained furnishings with a neutral base with yellow and blue pops. Ited with floral, light-tone, solid-colored furniture and pending lighting, its living and living area, overlooks the swimming pool. Slight finishes and an outside glass door in the kitchen allow plenty of natural light.

5. Each room has a balcony.

Each huge room in his house has a balcony, is unconstrained, and has wide openings and a sunny atmosphere. Mobilizations, artworks, and backgrounds give life to vibrant colors and patterns, while wooden ceiling beams create ornithology.

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