Hannah House Workshop

With only 105 square metres of land, a studio-style house was built with the intention of serving as a vacation home for its owners. Due to the limited space, the project’s main purpose was to create feelings of spaciousness and comfort by diverting one’s gaze to the outer surroundings. The kitchen island, which has spaghetti tile accents, combines into a tiny dining room for two once inside the house. This double-height room invites users to take in the views of the gardens, which are surrounded by a tiny chukum pool, creating the perfect setting for enjoying the warm Yucatecan climate.

Service Area And Patios Of The Adjoining Houses

Hannah House / Workshop, Diseño y Construcción,© Tamara Uribe

The service area is hidden at the end of the lot behind an ancient colonial door and a stone façade that acts as a focal point for the terrace area. The house’s solitary bedroom is on the mezzanine above the kitchen; it has a full bathroom and looks out into a tiny garden, where the lattices of the facade allow the prevailing north winds to pass through. From the bedroom (taking advantage of the double height of the dining room window), there is a privileged view of the tops of the fruit trees from the patios of the adjoining houses, which are representative of the traditional neighborhood.

Casa Hannah And A Tiny Tropical Haven

Hannah House / Workshop, Diseño y Construcción,© Tamara Uribe

Casa Hannah aspires to be a welcoming and functional space that evokes regional Yucatecan architecture through the use of traditional materials while also incorporating a contemporary sense of volume and spatiality, as well as a play with heights and the use of glass as a leading element to achieve a sense of spaciousness. This, combined with the use of neutral hues on the floors and walls, creates a lovely contrast with the art, the wooden furniture, and the plants that are strewn about the room, providing a feeling of freshness in this tiny tropical haven.


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