The None Angle House

This young retired couple chose to settle in a village between the coast and the marina on the French atlantic coast. Customers desired a house with a Japanese-style design that was open to the garden. This perimeter fence is viewed as a boundary between inside and exterior, private and public, in the house project. The house’s plan is a reduction of the land’s square plan, and it is located in the plot’s middle. The home opens out on its four angles to provide a special relationship with the garden and to take advantage of the various orientations. The four orientations are connected inside a free star space. Between these two diagonals are four volumes that include all of the house’s functions. By creating viewpoints, narrowings, and openings, the perfectly symmetrical volumes alter the free space. This volume dance allows for a wide range of applications.

Highest Section Of The Pyramid

The None Angle House / Benoit Rotteleur Architecte,© Antoine Séguin

A home intended for year-round thermal comfort; the roof overhang has been calculated to let in the sun during the winter months while blocking the rays during the summer months to prevent overheating. The wood fire in the middle room distributes heat throughout the house with this star arrangement. A roof window with a motorised opening facing north in the highest section of the pyramid allows hot air to escape, and the open space at the four corners of the home provides for excellent ventilation.

Two Of The Cabins And A Basin

The None Angle House / Benoit Rotteleur Architecte,© Antoine Séguin

The Sanicubic 1, a robust, high-performing lifting station with a tough and reliable macerating pump, was installed in two of the cabins. The Sanicubic 1, which was situated externally to the cabin in order to maximise bathroom space, was connected to three bathroom fixtures: a toilet, shower, and basin.

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