Japanese Art Island Chichu, A Meditation, And An Education.


In the Kagawa district of Naoshima Island, on the southern coast of Japan, the Chichu Art Museum is a museum. Only by ferry is it accessible. Chichu is a bird-like series of strange concrete caves, cut into a hill between Buddhist simplicity and modernist brutality.

The architect Tadao Ando, famous for his mastery of natural light, is a journey of discovery that takes us to through Chichu, a mechanism of transformation and a source of awe. Tadao Ando is also known for his mastery of natural light. Chichu sets a limit on the number of tickets sold prior to social distancing.


A wide picture

At Chichu there are three artists, the most known of whom is Claude Monet’s Water Lilies. When Monet was in his 70s and suffering from cataracts, the buying of this “grand adornment” started to trigger the creation of the museum.

First of all, years ago, in the British National Gallery, I saw paintings from this series. The paintings in Chichu’s warms and circular chambers are a magnificent synthesis of shape, color, and respect for nature. You come to life in ways that can’t match or improve a number of high-tech viewing devices.


Galleries are art collections organized according to their creed. In contrast to theatres or halls where quick repertoire changes produce a flowing mood, they seldom lose touch with the core idea of their founders. All works of art reflect the time and place in which they were created. On the other hand, galleries serve as compass points from which we can as a society obtain our bearings. MOMA, GOMA, Guggenheim, Bilbao, the Powerhouse, the Pompidou Center, and the Ermitage are some of the world’s most renowned museums. These collections are more important than their size.

Chichu isn’t an attraction that needs to be seen. As with MONA or Tate Modern, no overall theme can be anticipated. Light, space, and silence are there instead.

The senses are developed in space and there is a self-expansion that lets the mind enter an area of higher insight. Chichu is not smart, and it does not require an art history college to enjoy what he has to offer. You will be instructed to just walk around the facility.

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