K22 House By Junsekino Architect and Design

K22 is a home for three siblings, each of whom has grown up independently, yet they all share the same desire to live with their parents and care for one another as they did previously. The house is in Bangkok’s “Huay Kwang” neighbourhood, and they all concluded that living together in a familiar neighbourhood was preferable to settling down separately, which would have resulted in higher land and construction costs.

Main Concept And Shared Spaces At The K22

K22 House / Junsekino Architect and Design,© Spaceshift Studio

The house’s main concept is to create shared spaces for all family members while also providing privacy for each of them. It may be compared to a family’s apartment, where each member has their own living space and a common area that is well suited to the needs and activities of people from two generations apart. As a result, the house encourages all residents to spend time and share their experiences as one huge family.

Because the property is shaped like a rhombus, the home can only be accessed from the front, leaving the remaining sides to be used as a private garden. The main corridor is connected to the entrance and is surrounded by common activities such as the kitchen, office space, and living room. In addition, there is another sitting area with views of the private garden where all members can unwind together. The service area, which is located adjacent to the parking lot, is also connected to the corridor.

Stairways And Shared Corridor Spaces

K22 House / Junsekino Architect and Design,© Spaceshift Studio

The stairway in the middle of the shared corridor provides access to each family member’s own unit on the second level. The home has two sides, one with a single-volume and the other with a double-volume. Rooms for their parents and one of the siblings are on the single-volume side. The other two siblings, as well as their impending additional family members, are represented by two units on the double-volume side. Because of the uniqueness of double-volume space, it appears to have an arbitrary number of stories.

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