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Le Architecture in Taiwan by an architecture firm Aedas

Le Architecture in Taiwan is designed by a famous architecture firm Aedas. The structure incorporates regional culture and showcases it as contemporary style architecture.

The inspiration that goes behind the design of this structure is pebbled found along the Keelung River. This creates an authentic and aesthetic façade that is ornate with green plants on its exterior.


The design of this construction conveys the beauty behind round forms, their strength, and their character. The oval shape of the structure insinuates it as an incubator of knowledge. It acts as a metaphor for intellectual revival. This marks the building as an important milestone in the fortification of the rapid emergence of the Nangang District.


The Effective Use Of Spaces

The interiors of this office space are designed meticulously to make the construction effective, healthy, and highly interactive. It is planned to ensure an urban living room with communal areas. These areas include spaces for cafes, pantries, small libraries, etc. These qualities in a design ensure a comfortable and healthy work environment that inspires workers to be more creative and as a result, give better results.


The Unique Features Of The Structure

Le Architecture is a green design that ensures sustainability. It minimizes energy demands. With the help of scientific green building analysis and the Green BIM platform, flawless incorporation of flawless analysis and visually appealing design is achieved.

The office building is 70 meters tall. The straight glass panels make the building highly feasible. The wall on the west side act as a breathing façade. It is lined with aluminum fins vertically arranged along with green planters to make sure the interior is shaded from the scorching heat of the sun. This reduces the temperatures in the interiors naturally which automatically reduces the usage of mechanically operating cooling machines during the summer months. The plants also act as filters for the outdoor air.


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