Le Dôme Winery In Saint-Émilion

The new Le Dôme winery in Saint-Émilion, nestled amid the rolling hills of Bordeaux, has welcomed its first visitors. The low-rise building, designed and developed by the firm, integrates harmoniously with the region’s UNESCO World Heritage Cultural Landscape while providing a state-of-the-art facility for the internationally renowned wine, Le Dôme. The building’s shape was inspired by a desire to construct a structure that looks both internally and outwards, allowing for efficient wine production while also engaging in conversation with the surrounding nature.

Interior Designs And Ramps At The Surrounding Vineyards

Le Dome Winery / Foster + Partners,© Nigel Young

Visitors arrive to the winery via a tree-lined avenue with a circular-plan building at the end. The new building’s spatial definition is provided by a mix of two ramps, one exterior to emphasise the interaction with the site and the other interior to allow visitors to move through the many steps of the winemaking process. Both ramps lead to an upper-level gallery that serves as the building’s social hub, complete with tasting tables, an elegant wine bar, and entertainment spaces, all of which are surrounded by 360-degree views of the surrounding vineyards.

Foster + Partners’ architectural and industrial design teams collaborated closely from the start to create an interior design solution that complements the architecture. The tasting room on the left features a curving wine bar with views of the vineyards, as well as circular tables. Visitors may gaze down into the wine production and storage spaces below through a circular atrium, creating a complete and unique experience. Distinctive office pods to the right of the entrance help establish space for focused work in a crowded atmosphere. The timber screens wrap around the workstation spaces to provide acoustic and visual isolation while maintaining sightlines to the outside and blending in with the environment.

Hill-like Shape That Reflects The Gentle Slopes

Le Dome Winery / Foster + Partners,© Nigel Young

The 40-meter-wide timber roof is a one-of-a-kind reciprocal structure made up of mutually supporting sloping beams that covers a huge column-free area. The structure’s natural centre produces a 6-metre-wide oculus, allowing light to flood the upper level. The roof is built of recycled local terracotta tiles, and the building’s base, which is made of concrete with local aggregate, is covered with timber slats and partially buried into the ground to lessen its aesthetic impact on the landscape and improve thermal mass performance. The structure complements the surrounding nature by taking on a hill-like shape that reflects the gentle slopes.

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