Lonsdale Links Clubhouse Adding Value To The Environment

Lonsdale Links is reminiscent of a remnant in the landscape, responding to the gently sloping terrain of the neighbouring golf course and prehistoric Australian coastlands. The clubhouse’s contours and softened shapes blend perfectly with the surroundings, and its design is purposely considered in the round, encompassed by the links golf course. The building, which is situated on the crest of a hill, can be seen from a variety of perspectives, emerging above the trees as golfers play the course. The structure is firmly moored to its site in response to its coastal circumstances and the prevailing winds that come off of Bass Strait.

Blade Walls Embedded In The Environment

Lonsdale Links Clubhouse / Wood/Marsh,© Willem-Dirk du Toit

The structure is grounded by a set of curving blade walls embedded in the environment and completed in a highly textured render, instilling tremendous robustness. The building’s non-rectilinear form is emphasised by expansive dark laminated oak beams radiating from the spine. Warm colours native to the rural area, particularly bronze glazing that reflects the evening light, impact the natural tonality. In its coastal setting, the finishes have a rough worn look that gives it a sense of permanence.

The entry experience is built in the area between two gigantic rendered arching blade walls, which conceals the building’s scale and different views upon approach. Visitors are drawn past the threshold by the sculptural features of the blades and the gradually sloping inverted zinc ceiling. The doorway is further activated by four circular orange lights that interrupt the walls. A timber-lined corridor leads guests to the restaurant or golfers’ lounge beyond the entry walls, with vast, framed views of Lake Victoria, the golf course, and the rural coastal scenery beyond.

Distinct Positioning And Architectural Execution

Lonsdale Links Clubhouse / Wood/Marsh,© Willem-Dirk du Toit

Internally, the building’s structural features constitute a continuous expression, combining with the interior finishes to produce a contemporary version of the clubhouse typology. The lounge’s focal point is a central dry-stack stone fireplace, from which the laminated timber beams and folding acoustic ceiling radiate in a sweeping contour. Green carpets offer a splash of colour to the realistic material palette while also providing a visual connection to the fairway. The operation of the lounge and restaurant is made more flexible by a large timber-clad door that can be used to join or separate the two sections as needed.

The golfers’ lounge, restaurant, commercial kitchen, pro shop, multi-purpose area, members’ locker rooms, kiosk, and supporting amenities are all part of the clubhouse. For efficient adjacencies, programmatic requirements are zoned. Lonsdale Links is a destination as well as a sculpture in the landscape, with views of the finest golf course and the countryside beyond Lake Victoria. Its distinct positioning and architectural execution have drew in more members and increased community interaction.

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