Loop Of Wisdom Museum By Powerhouse Company

The Loop of Wisdom embodies a timeless architectural concept, living up to its provocative name. The design for a technological museum and reception centre for a new community in Chengdu, China, by Powerhouse Company is much more than a flashy landmark. The fluid-structure includes a magnificent public area — an undulating rooftop trail – in addition to its apparent aesthetic appeal and cultural programme. This change transforms the Loop of Wisdom into a visible emblem rather than a distant beacon. It encourages folks to have a look around and incorporate it into their normal walking or jogging regimen.

Form Of The Loop To Create A Sustainable Structure

Loop of Wisdom Museum & Reception Center / Powerhouse Company,© Jonathan Leijonhufvud Architectural Photography

The loop’s form, which is designed as a continuous ring, is archetypal and universal, organic and geometric, cryptic yet instantly recognised. While the client had intended for the structure to be temporary, they were so taken with the quality of the design, its delicate interplay with the nature, and its graceful lines that they decided it needed to be permanent. The design of the Loop of Wisdom changed a transitory structure into a concept of a long-lasting and intrinsically sustainable structure.

Uni-Hiku, a chip maker and real estate developer, commissioned Powerhouse Company to design the museum and greeting centre for its new development, Unis Chip City, in Chengdu’s bustling city. The new structures would also serve as a technical teaching centre and an information hub for the city’s growing development.

Natural Slopes And Circular Path At The Loop Of Wisdom

Loop of Wisdom Museum & Reception Center / Powerhouse Company,© Jonathan Leijonhufvud Architectural Photography

The architects noted the natural undulation in the ground during their site inspection, which was a very gentle and soft hill. These natural slopes are usually levelled in Chinese development. Instead, Powerhouse Company chose to use the terrain as the foundation for a one-of-a-kind design that would give the urban area an organic softness. The two different programming units are merged in one single structure by forming a circular path that follows the topography. As the route rises to make room for the programme, it transforms into a roof with breathtaking views over the new development. The new structure functions as both a route and an architectural structure, allowing nature to continue around, beneath, and through it.

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