1330 House In The Kurdish City Of Mahabad

The 1330 House in Mahabad, Kurdistan, was built from a 70-year-old house and spans roughly 270 square metres. This house was previously used for domestic purposes and has a unique history. Part of the old building was constructed 70 years ago, but clues discovered during the repair process reveal that the adobe bricks in certain walls date back more than 100 years. Owners have removed or added elements of the structure to fulfil their demands over the last seven decades as their lifestyles have changed.

Architecture And The Design Process Of The House

1330 House / Mohammad Kanisavaran,© Mohammad Hassan Ettefagh

The new use of the home has come to life thanks to private sector assistance and investment, led by a woman, to conserve the property and establish a new space to propagate Kurdistan’s culture and art. The creative division of spaces and the determination of uses in the design process were the project’s strengths, allowing the spaces to have a new and different definition from their previous definitions.

For example, Zhirkhan, which was previously utilised as a residential area during the winter, evolved into a warehouse over time and has now been resurrected as the gallery’s main space by raising its height. All items that have been removed (such as warehouses) or added (such as canopies) to the building

Central Courtyard, Cafes And Cinemas Surrounding The House

1330 House / Mohammad Kanisavaran,© Mohammad Hassan Ettefagh

To establish a mix of varied purposes and suit the demands of the neighbourhood today, the complex was separated into two sections: a café and a cultural/artistic portion that work in tandem. After passing through a 13-meter-long corridor, we arrive at the house’s central courtyard, which serves as a flexible and serviceable central core, gathering a mix of fixed and variable spaces such as music and collective living space around it and leading the audience from the central core to Zhirkhan, gallery spaces, and finally the cafe and small cinema room, respectively.

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