LULU Restaurant Adding Value To The Dining Experience

LULU is a 170 meter square bar and restaurant project located in the Santos parish of Lisbon, on the ground floor of a structure from the early nineteenth century. A bar area with seating and service counters; a customer area with sitting and a dancing area; customer sanitary facilities; and technical sections with restricted access, such as the kitchen, pantry, and storage, are all included in the functional programme.

Basic Concept And Overall Technological Programme

LULU Bar and Restaurant / DC.AD,© Francisco Nogueira

The proposal’s basic concept was to place the technological programme in the secondary portions of the space, away from natural light and adjacent to the existing patios, to allow for the installation of air conditioning and ventilation equipment. In terms of bar placement, a solution facing the entry, which faces directly onto the restaurant’s main façade and serves as both a waiting and customer service space, was considered.

The “core” of the space, which is big and has a generous ceiling height, remained free for consumers to enjoy as a result of this design. Given the lot’s layout, two rooms with unique environments were developed with the goal of increasing the variety of uses. Since the previously opaque shutters have been replaced with shop-window type apertures, the first one, which is close to the main façade, is characterised by a strong entry of natural light and unobstructed sight to the public roadway.

Western Facade And Surrounding Walls

LULU Bar and Restaurant / DC.AD,© Francisco Nogueira

Along the surrounding walls, a fixed L-shaped sofa is combined with individual tables that may be flexibly gathered; two-person tables have been positioned adjacent to the outdoor apertures for more intimate use. The placing of a single capacious sofa that, with its flowing organic design, is able to streamline the use of the space has generated a more relaxed ambiance in the second room, an indoor one with little natural sunlight. This area, which is between between a bar and a dance floor, has a primary focus on a DJ table and is interrupted by low tables and separate pouffes. Customers can use the bathrooms in the attached volume, which is adjacent to the building’s western façade.

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