Wood Pavilion By LIN Architects

Is it possible to talk about any new architectural space prototypes? This is the starting point for this experiment. This space experiment is located near the river on Jiangxin Island in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu province, near the tourist area. In this project, architects abandon functional elements in favour of searching for keywords that can define spatial elements in the environment.

Space Defined And Designed At Different Scales

Wood Pavilion  / LIN Architects,© LIU Songkai

Edward T Hall, an anthropologist at Columbia University, developed the concept of proxemics in his book Hidden Scales. Architects deepen and extend the concept in this project by applying it to the category of physical space, discussing how intimate space, private space, social space, and public space are defined and designed at different scales.

Human, nature, and architecture are examined as a whole, according to architects Yoshiharu Tsukamoto and Momoyo Kaijima, because the study of this instance does not include the category of urban daily life pattern. As a result, the behaviorology of different elements in the natural environment was investigated. The ingredients of our design are breeze, sunshine, the sound of waves, drizzle, and the lovely osmanthus aroma, all of which affect feelings, perceptions, touch, hearing, and visual aspects. Architects began to construct new forms of space in response to the many design components surrounding it through keyword research.

A Channel For Communication Between People And Space

Wood Pavilion  / LIN Architects,© LIU Songkai

Sitting, crouching, lying down, meditating, listening, peeping, wandering, overlooking, and even staring are examples of human behaviour. The act of light, such as the rising and lowering of the sun, the passing of the last light, the arrival of the lamp, and the lighting, is a conversation between space and time. The surrounding environment, with its sea wind, rustling leaves, chirping frogs, and singing cicadas, serves as a channel for communication between people and space.

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