Minhang Riverfront Regeneration At Shanghai’s District Space

SPARK is pleased to announce the completion of the Minhang Riverfront Regeneration, which is the first phase of a much larger regeneration master plan for Shanghai’s Minhang district’s public space. The Minhang Riverfront is a bold urban redevelopment project. It was a decaying overgrown riverbank surrounded by low-grade industrial buildings with traces of walkways, industrial and obsolete utilities, all evidence of the district’s many years of change and neglect.

Open Space Armature At The Regeneration

Minhang Riverfront Regeneration / SPARK Architects,© Shine Lab

SPARK’s urban park, an open space armature around which existing developments have been rebuilt, has now become a bustling mix of commercial, technology, and institutional uses. SPARK’s plan establishes a 750-meter-long recreational area that satisfies the government’s and community’s goal for a feeling of place, greater pedestrian connections, and a more sustainable living environment.

The single cell Diatom was employed as a repeating feature in SPARK’s design idea. Diatoms are single-celled algae that clean water naturally in a variety of gorgeous patterns. The Diatom shape has been abstracted into two- and three-dimensional objects that animate the river embankment and tell the storey of river and ecosystem regeneration.

Event Plaza At The Linear Zones

Minhang Riverfront Regeneration / SPARK Architects,© Shine Lab

The riverside is designed with continuous green ribbons of walking, jogging, and bicycle tracks, as well as three pedestrian bridges that connect the residential, educational, and corporate sectors. The environment was created by overlaying four unique zones that improve vistas and provide access to the river for the first time. With lawns, cafés, a sports park, and an event plaza, the linear zones take on an abstracted riparian form and host creative pockets of activity.

SPARK created a custom navigation and furnishing approach that contributes to the changed environment’s storytelling and accessibility. “The Minhang project illustrates how urban open space can be a significant role in civic regeneration and social sustainability,” stated Stephen Pimbley, Partner SPARK. It has created civic pride in the district and established a local baseline for future residents’ quality of life.”

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