Museum Of The Bible In Washington DC

The 430,000-square-foot Museum of the Bible, just a few steps from both the Capitol and the National Mall, is set to open its doors to the public in November. Hobby Lobby President Steve Green is funding the private museum and will also donate 40,000 antiquities from his own collection, including New Testament papyrus pieces. The museum will also contain immersive experiences such as a biblical garden, where visitors can see what a hyssop bush or a rose of Sharon looks like before snacking on ancient foods like flatbread and date honey in the café.

Lobby And Entrance Of Museum Of The Bible

A Bible museum is a good idea. The one that's opening is not. - Vox

The majesty of the Museum of the Bible is obvious as soon as you walk through its 40-foot bronze doors. The grand lobby is vast and impressive, with a rotating digital display on the ceiling that changes colours throughout the day. You will quickly recognise that you have visited a museum unlike any other in the nation’s capital as soon as you take your first step inside.

You can walk up marble steps or use an elevator to any of the exhibit floors after experiencing the aesthetic pleasure that is the museum’s lobby. The History of the Bible galleries, which begin on the fourth floor, are a good place to start. Elevator passengers are in for a treat: as you ascend, a video screen rotates its images, with music playing to set the tone for your tour.

Interiors And Features Of The Museum

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The Bible Museum’s experience can extend well beyond the exhibits. A 500-seat performance theatre on the fifth level incorporates mapping technology to enhance what is happening onstage as well as excellent acoustics. Manna, on the sixth level, has a menu inspired by Israeli cuisine and created by chef Todd Gray, co-founder of the famed Equinox Restaurant. Manna is surrounded by a beautiful Biblical Garden, which may be used for both sitting and standing gatherings.

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