Neufchâteau Nursery Innovation Goals

The Public Center for Social Assistance (PCSA) in Neufchâteau, Belgium, underwent renovations to expand and reinforce the kindergarten services accessible to the local community. The new and upgraded Neufchâteau Nursery opened in 2020, with a major increase in available student seats from 48 to 66, thanks to innovative design solutions. The Public Center created a contemporary design on the interior and façade sections with the help of architect M. Xavier Van Rooyen, creating a welcome location for students and families.

Upgrading Obsolete Architectural Features

Cupa Pizarras Facade Application

One of the main goals of the Neufchâteau Nursery renovation was to improve both the practical amenities and the building’s overall appearance. As a result, the makeover concentrated on upgrading obsolete architectural features, improving the landscape’s integration, and renovating the interior finishes. To comply with stringent local building codes, the design incorporates low-energy materials and passive approaches such as rainwater storage and LED lighting.

The nursery has been raised three floors in response to the natural landscape, with curving lines running throughout the structure to emphasise the geography of the area. The facades are staggered with various level variations to reinforce this sense, giving the appearance of seeing a distinct building depending on where you look.

An Excellent Choice For Any Style Of Facade

Cupa Pizarras Facade Application

The nursery, in contrast to these modern lines, is filled with traditional materials, primarily natural slate, which surrounds the outer layer to create a uniform appearance. The Cupa Pizarras CUPACLAD Random system is used in a dynamic arrangement to underline this, as the slate echoes the neighborhood’s slate masonry buildings. Cupa Pizarras’ natural slate is the major attraction of a facade with the Cupaclad 101 Random system, which is part of the Cupaclad 101 range of systems with invisible fixings. The Cupaclad 101 Random rain-screen cladding system is synonymous with innovation, giving any facade a unique look that takes advantage of slate’s natural flexibility and resilience. Natural slate is a one-of-a-kind product that lasts more than a century, making it an excellent choice for any style of facade.

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