Simon Fraser University By Revery Architecture

The new five-story Sustainable Energy Engineering (SEE) Building is Simon Fraser University’s first major move toward becoming an integrated academic precinct inside Surrey’s growing City Centre neighbourhood, expanding beyond its Central City campus. Western Canada’s first authorised undergraduate energy engineering programme, delivering an integrated, multi-disciplinary approach to energy engineering education to assist the clean tech, renewable, and sustainable energy sector, is housed in this LEED Gold certified academic research building.

SFU’s Surrey Campus Located On The Ground Floor

Wet and dry labs, collaboration and study spaces, offices, leisure rooms, lounge areas, and student services are all part of the building’s programme, which is designed around a beautiful, light-filled central atrium with raised seating tiers interrupted with natural Ficus King Amstel trees. SFU’s Surrey campus and the greater community are served by a 400-seat lecture hall ideally located on the ground floor.

Award-Winning Landmark In Surrey City Centre

The project’s tight timeline forced a lot of overlap in the design, permitting, and construction processes, which led to the choice to use prefabricated precast pieces for the façade, which allowed the building to be closed in rapidly while reducing construction debris and noise. The facade’s geometric shape is inspired by abstracted circuit board imagery to signify the technological subject matter taught within the building. It is made up mostly of framed, high-performance, undulating precast concrete sandwich panels and reflective glazing. The new multi-award-winning landmark in Surrey City Centre successfully connects cleantech and renewable energy education with a vibrant, engaging, and sustainable community environment.

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