Parkhill Greens: A Green Hub For A Vibrant Life

The project is situated on a south-facing slope in Shenzhen’s Baoan District, in the northern section of the Jiangangshan neighbourhood. The first batch of garden houses was erected between here and there twenty years ago, and it has since evolved into the greatest low-density residential neighbourhood in western Shenzhen. Parkhill Greens and its neighbouring streetscapes have added 4,000 square metres of new park land, the only public open space in the neighbourhood, but its public services have not kept up.

Building A Vibrant Park For People Of All Ages

Parkhill Greens / PLAT Studio,© ACF Photography, Holi Photography

Parkhill Greens serves as a green hub, bridging the gap between the public realm, historic and new residential areas, new business districts, and schools, while also highlighting the neighborhood’s natural beauty. The park delivers modern amenities through beautiful design ideas to build a vibrant, social, and health-focused park. The lush area strikes a balance between ecological and human demands, managing rainwater and reducing the urban heat island effect while also setting the tone for a vibrant neighbourhood with activities for people of all ages.

Designers examined the surrounding environment in order to create a forward-thinking community that is both comfortable and able to accommodate a high population density. The next phase of construction will bring new residents to the park, giving it a new lease on life. The place will serve as a focal point, encouraging residents to form bonds in the comfort and tranquilly of urban nature. The three components of neighbourhood open spaces — parks, streets, and dwellings — are designed to function together as a system to create a welcoming community.

Large Grade Shift And Distinct Elements

Parkhill Greens / PLAT Studio,© ACF Photography, Holi Photography

The location is unusually shaped and features a large grade shift. These distinct elements, on the other hand, set the setting for a distinct architectural language, with gradual slopes, steps, and retaining walls combining to create people-oriented spaces. The outcome is a strong focal gesture with lush landscaping surrounding each location, created by efficiently utilising space for a variety of tasks and flowing from one area to another.

The park’s quiet ambience is extended by the streetscapes, which have narrow roads to slow traffic and extensive tree-lined sidewalks to encourage strolling. Bike and running pathways provide more space for faster mobility while keeping motor traffic at bay. Custom street furniture creates a unique public space for residents to enjoy regardless of method of transportation.

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