Rikers Island Is A Time For New York City To Be Re-Imagined.


Many New Yorkers feared to detract visitors to the 1939 World Fair in the Queens borough of the harmful aromas and scents from nearby Rikers Island. Rikers Island is an East River site of 413 acres, home to one of the country’s largest prisons. 20,000 prisoners could live at its peak. According to the report from the landfill to then Major Fiorello La Guardia, “this unattractive and nasty mischief cannot be accepted by the City of New York.” In almost 80 years, emotions have not changed.

In response to public pressure to close Rikers, Melissa Mark-Viverito, President of the Council of New York, called the prison a ‘stick to human dignity and decency’ and established a committee to find ways to close the city. Now that Major Bill de Blasio has promised to shut down and replace Rikers Island with borough-based prisons by 2028, this once-in-a-lifetime experience inspires architects to develop appropriate alternatives.


According to the Office of Criminal Justice of the Mayor of Rikers, the proposed land use would undergo a lengthy process of public input, which would be examined by the local councils and the council. Elizabeth Glazer, a former Office director and contributor of massive renovation said.

“This idea would keep Rikers from being used as a jail in future. “Many people’s opinions on how this is to be used are needed. “The heavens are the limit” can hardly be said. Some limitations are in place. Height is important because it’s on LaGuardia Airport’s flight path.”


The architect and secretary of the Association of Architects, Designers and Social Responsibility Planners, Raphael Sperry, believes that the traumas of the past on the island should be addressed before new proposals are put in place. “The most important thing, in my opinion, is to get people from Rikers and back in communities in which their needs can be met with compassion and effectiveness,” Sperry added.

“If Rikers Island is sold in the city, the proceeds could be earmarked for building restaurants throughout the town.”

Many architects plan to redesign the Rikers with the prison closure scheduled for 2028.

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