Ruin Bar Pivzavod By Fruit Design Studio

This project is housed in a magnificent historical structure designed by architect V.M. Lemke and built in the heart of Nizhny Novgorod in 1888. There were warehouses, repair shops, and shopping arcades built right after the building. The building’s role changed several times after that, but the classic red brick interiors, a suite of arches, and even large wooden ceiling beams have all been carefully preserved. Even the finest interior features, such as steel brackets fixed in the wall that served as storage or manufacturing operations, did not deteriorate over time.

Wardrobes, Tables And Benches

Ruin Bar Pivzavod / Fruit Design Studio,© Eliza Veruk

We chose to keep the premises undisturbed, treating it as a shell, and as a result, a decaying historical foundation was transformed into an installation for modern things, giving it new functionality. The brief was to create a ruin bar that was severe, yet modern, and intimate at the same time.

The first block of the interior is located in the entrance hall and consists of a row of four metal-framed booths separated by reinforced glass barriers. There is a wardrobe in the first booth, and tables and benches in the remaining booths. They are followed by metal-framed sofas, which zone the space of the huge hall and make it more comfortable. Two big tables for large corporations are near the windows, and above the tables are lamps that we designed specifically for this setting. These lights pay homage to traditional multi-tiered crystal chandeliers, yet they’re composed of simple and rugged materials like rough metal and reinforced glass.

Galvanised Profile Sheet Creating A Fantastic Feeling Of Comfort

Ruin Bar Pivzavod / Fruit Design Studio,© Eliza Veruk

The play of light going through the glass creates a fantastic feeling of comfort and warmth. We built a community table on top of rough concrete blocks in the middle of the second half. A three-tier glass chandelier hangs directly above this tall table, giving the manufacturing room an almost palatial feel. The open kitchen’s serving counter is similarly composed of concrete blocks and wooden surfaces. If you look closely at the barrack’s facade, you’ll discover that it’s covered in galvanised profile sheet.

The major goal was to create a robust visual image from raw materials while saving the customer money. A simple toilet block will be positioned in the adjacent room. It’s an oxidised ferrous metal cube sandwiched between two brick walls. There were six toilet stalls and a washbasin area in all. This volume, visible through the arched suite, adds monumentality to the area and enlivens it, visually disrupting the arched harmony and making the hallway less monotonous. A dance area with a temporary stage and a service bar is located in the back hall. We attempted to keep the environment as intimate as possible.


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