Sattva House: A Minimalist Space Designed by Interiors

The living area is bathed in soft sunlight, and the large windows overlook a lovely park with lush green trees below. The client’s sustainable lifestyle and ideas are immediately reflected in this tranquil flat on the second floor of a plotted building in Jor Bagh, Delhi. Sattva is the attribute of balance, harmony, purity, and universality in Sanskrit. The design goal, similar to the name, was to strike a balance between traditional Indian living and minimalist contemporary environment. The client is a man with deep spiritual convictions and an avid yoga practitioner who lives alone in a 2,100 square foot home with an office. The planned environment complements this way of life by taking into account the client’s demands and wants.

The Functional Arrangement Of The Areas

The house incorporates passive design approaches to maximise the utilisation of natural resources as a deliberate reaction to the environment. The functional arrangement of the areas reflects this, with the living room and master bedroom taking up the eastern side of the flat to take use of the natural light of early morning. In Delhi’s composite climate, their orientation also helps keep the areas cool in the evenings by preventing them from heating up throughout the day.

The office, on the other hand, occupies the western end of the building, allowing for plenty of natural light and fresh air throughout the day. The dining room is located in the centre of the house and links to all parts of this tranquil retreat. Its central location keeps it cool during the day, allowing enough of natural light to filter in via the sliding glass barrier that links the two rooms.

A Minimalistic And Balanced Attitude

The next stage in making optimum use of naturally accessible resources was to include natural factors such as sunlight and fresh air into all living spaces. This is accomplished by bringing in natural light through big, wall-to-wall windows. The apartment’s elevated elevation and large teakwood windows surround views of the thick canopy of Neem and Gulmohar trees, providing an unbroken vista of the beautiful outside. The house has a neutral colour palette of beige, whites, and pastel tones on the walls, which is well matched by warm oak-wood furniture, according to a minimalistic and balanced attitude. This interplay of substance and colour brightens all of the areas, giving the Sattva house a cohesive and uncluttered feel.

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