See inside the vast Ranchi Pet-Friendly Mansion of MS Dhoni.

It’s a name, of course, MS Dhoni. With its unrivalled consistency in performance and a bang to make the right decisions at the right time, the former Indian cricket team captain has cemented his place in every cricket supporter in the country. As he and his wife Sakshi live in a vast farmhouse in Ranchi with their daughter Ziva, few know that her home is dog-friendly. For his four-legged friends, Dhoni has made his home soft and has even designed it to suit their needs. On a tour of his pet-friendly farmhouse in Ranchi meet Dhoni’s dogs, Sam, Lilly, Gabbar, and Zoya.

Animals are going to love it!

The MS Dhoni pets include Sam, Lilly and Gabbar, two white huskies, and Zoya, Dutch Shepherd. Their pets include a Dutch shepherd. These animal dogs are almost permanent companions with Ziva who walk out of Dhoni’s home in the greenery. The extensive estate, dubbed “Kailashpati” includes a fitness centre, a garden and even some indoor training facilities. In this environment, there is also a training area for his canine friends. This reassures the Belgian Malinois, Sam, the favourite dog of Dhoni — an active and energetic breed. The Dutch Shepherd is a gymnasium rat.

The playground of the Furry Pals

Besides the playground, Ranchi’s farmhouse in MS Dhoni also has a well maintained grassy area where dogs can play fishing and running. The large entrances are ideal for dogs to walk or run. Why not show your wealth with such a manor house and a few adorable pets on social media? Take a look at the beautiful photos, videos and fun times you spend with your Instagram channels of Dhoni and Sakshi’s pet-friendly, beautiful house.

The vast majority of people return to their hometowns to spend quality time with their families. This was especially true following the Coronavirus pandemic, when the country was put on lockdown. One is Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s cricket legend. The former Indian captain, also known as “Captain Cool,” believed always to remain linked to his roots, and he built a magnificent house in Ranchi. His extensive estate has everything from luxury to peace.

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