Sirena House On Blending Nature With Modernism


Sirena House, designed by Studio Saxe and located on a lush, oceanfront property in Costa Rica, is made up of pavilions encased in teak and glass. The coastal village of Santa Teresa is home to Sirena House. The 1,000-square-metre residence was built to blend in with its surroundings, which include the ocean and a tropical forest.

Large expanses of glass provide a strong link to the verdant surroundings, while steel-framed volumes are coated in teak wood. The pavilions are arranged around a central covered area with lush tropical vegetation. Sheltered paths connect the various volumes.


Interiors Of The House Being Blended In With Culture

The Sirena House is in Costa Rica

“Every time they have to move from one spot to another, the inhabitant can experience the extreme natural surroundings,” the researchers explained.

The circulation spaces are covered by thin roof overhangs that look as if they are floating. The overhangs were deliberately positioned to provide protection from the sun and rain, and were supported by clusters of slim steel columns. The house is approached from the east via a path that connects a garage to the front door.
Both the east and north sides of the house have three bedrooms. The main suite is on the south side of the building.


Colour Palettes On Display

The pavilions are teak-clad

An open and airy place for cooking, dining, and lounging is located to the west. The public room may be fully opened to the backyard, which includes a swimming pool and lawn, thanks to folding glass doors. The beach is reached through a curved walkway. Teak, stone, and Venetian plaster are used in the interior, which has a neutral colour scheme.

The decor was chosen in partnership with the client by Pauline Steenkamer of the local business Nosara Design. A sleek white sofa and a live-edge wooden coffee table are featured in the living area. The kitchen features light-toned cabinets and basket-like chandeliers. A canopy bed is coupled with a patterned rug, woven chairs, and a chiffonier in the main bedroom.

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