The Beauty and innovation of Sustainable Living Can Be Seen In Prefabricated Homes.

The prefabricated housing industry has been far and away since the days of the Sears Catalog homes and can solve many current housing issues, including demands for affordable and environmentally friendly living spaces. “Building a home in a factory environment enables the manufacturer to have a better control over the completed product and improves resource management in the building environment,” said Avi Friedman, an architecture professor at University McGill. “I also found that considerable time could be saved on the workplace that could help to reduce costs.” “

“The book’s ideas are extremely attractive, cost-efficient and fast-track,” he says. Although prefab is the way to the future, Friedman believes it will take investments in prefabricating companies, construction of demonstration projects and public awareness to increase public awareness of this technology. “The architect explained, ‘Prefabricated housing had once been vilified for its unattractive appearance.’ “I have selected structures that show the attractiveness of a prefabricated home.” Read more about homes to change the way you think of prefabrication.

City House House (Manchester, United Kingdom)

The 36-row town house complex recalls traditional, but graphically twisted terraces: ShedKM designed residences can be finished in two to three weeks’ time.

City House House (Manchester, United Kingdom)

While kitchen and bathroom locations are fixed, customers may modify the layout to suit their needs, choose open or traditional floors and add luxurious features such as balconies, gardens and parking.

Favorite C3 (Chicago)

The semi-customizable C3 Pre-Fab, Chicago’s first LEEDE platinum certified home with Galvalume corrugated, recycled wood and fibre cement, was designed by Square Root Architect Jeffrey Sommers. The company could build on the small site which traditional construction methods would not have been possible.

Favorite C3 (Chicago)

A water catch system, solar thermal panels and a living roof are among the many environmentally friendly features of the house. Recycled and recovered materials are used throughout the interior, such as recycled gypsum boards and reclaimed hardwood floors.

A house small (Switzerland)

The two-story wood-framed house in Bauart Architekten can be built on site in one day and has four panoramic windows, one of which is for each area of the house. The small layout of the atrium can be altered and future extensions can be easily adjusted.

Weehouse of Sonoma (Santa Rosa, California)

The Alchemy Architects Sonoma weeHouse benefits from its hillside situation, consisting of two prepared corrugated stainless steel boxes on concrete basements. The main house has a central ‘bedroom,’ which splits the living area from the bathroom, whereas the second building provides guest accommodation.

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