The Current Temple Town Collection Is A Tribute To The Craft Of Kerala.


The internal Meera Pyarelal label, with its nod to colonial furniture, is unique in India.

Over two decades ago, Meera Pyarelal, the creator and creative director of Temple Town began her design career. Over the years, she has built an exquisite brand that creates colonial furnishings for modern Indian life whilst taking into account the renowned manufacturing of Kerala.


‘Adwam,’ the current collection of Temple Town, includes handcrafted furnishings for wood and cane as well as Pyarelal’s accessories and the works of Kerala art. She goes on to say, “Adwam in Arabic means everlasting.


Although some firms rely on contemporary and internationally appealing collections and furniture, Meera aims to preserve and promote traditional Indian designs and artisanal art. ‘In the last decade, Indian consumers have begun to take control of their identities, which have resulted in a resurgence of interest in high quality Indian furniture.’



“Every piece is carefully created using the same techniques and materials as the originals in our workshops,” she explains. The first step in the production process is the selection of materials.

Cane and Wood

The latest collection contains many wood and cane that are well-supplemented. Cane is a native of Kerala who thrives in the State’s hot and wet climate. However, Temple Town is struggling to promote and preserve this indigenous art form with its products as the skilled caning craftsmen are in short supply. Teakwood has been recycled and managed responsibly and lasts for decades. They have always been tasked with raising awareness of the need to preserve and protect local handicraft.


The local firm sells artefacts like the Youyam head and Kala Thala as well as furniture. These decorated heads depict one of several different types of extensive facial composition used in traditional Youyam performances in the Kerala region of North Malabar. These heads consist of one piece of teak, which is sanded and screened in order to remove faults. It is then distributed as an inspiration to local artists. The Kala Thala is a cow’s head inspired by the Kerala Cattle Festival. They were also sculpted by local artists and painted.

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