The Fascinating Sewoon Grounds In Seoul, South Korea


KCAP Architects & Planners, based in Rotterdam, Zurich, and Shanghai, had released the revised plans for Sewoon Grounds project in Seoul, South Korea. The 312,500-square-metre complex, known as Sewoon Grounds, houses a mixed-use programme that includes office, studio apartments, retail, parking, a cultural preservation exhibition and urban industrial designs. Sewoon District #4 will be transformed into a sustainable mixed-use neighbourhood with offices, retail, and urban industry as part of the redevelopment plans.

Design Proposal Regarding The Sewoon Grounds

KCAP releases revised plans of Sewoon Grounds project in Seoul, South Korea

The architectural scheme proposed by KCAP envisions a dynamic multi-dimensional neighbourhood that improves urban quality while also integrating harmoniously with the area’s distinctive historical environment. To offer variable unit combinations, the design proposal focuses on a subtle integration of the building mass in the surrounding context, good modulation, and accessibility. It encourages a conscious connection to the past. As a result, it anticipates future needs and creates long-term placemaking by preserving historic traces and structures, such as the nearby mixed-use complex ‘Sewoon Sangga (Arcade),’ a testament to modern Korean architecture designed by prominent architect Kim Swoo-geun and constructed between 1967 and 1972.


Sky Ground And Design Update

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KCAP adopted design techniques for the project by re-creating the ‘Seoul grid’ as a unique urban development method based on the existing street network. The exposition of ancient remains on the basement level, known as a “Memory Ground,” encourages the peaceful coexistence of the past and present.

Supporting anchor activities are positioned throughout the building to encourage the long-term growth of the urban industrial eco-system. The ‘Breeding Ground,’ which is attached to the Sewoon Arcade, serves as a platform for urban industry. The ‘Flying Ground’ at the top introduces a new programme that is linked to the Sewoon Roof.


The idea proposes a dynamic multi-dimensional metropolis vertically accumulated in space and time, referring to the interconnectedness of the multi-layered urban context in a three-dimensional manner. Sewoon Grounds project, according to the architects, honours cultural heritage while building a people-oriented urban design that encourages Seoul’s urban craftsmanship.

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