The Future Of The Post-Pandemic Workplace: Neuroscience And Biophilia


The epidemic of coronavirus imposed new demands and significant changes in our lives: our relationships, our work, our purchasing practises and the growing inequality. The subject of workspaces in fact came to light at a time when the freedoms of people were limited in post-modern times for the first time.

Most were forced to work from home and since the quarantine started it has become inevitable to consider the future of working places. Some experts have stated that the coronavirus has only accelerated a trend that has been growing in several countries for years.

One of the world’s largest post-pandemic studies has found that, from 30 March to 24 April 2020, 77 per cent, out of over 3,000 employees, plan to continue working from home after COVID-19. Research shows that people at home are more productive and happier.



We believe that despite strong reactions, the offices will remain, but will be changed drastically. Today, the office represents the values and culture of the company, contributes to the collective and empowers it. Human beings are of course sociable beings that need to gather places.

Considering the human experience on the job in the coming decades will be a significant shift. Artificial intelligence, automation, population management and sustainability will be the main themes. Intelligent and healthy buildings that meet the needs of their people should be our buildings.

The term refers to the natural differences in sociability, learning, attention, mood and other cognitive functions between the human brains. The new generation is becoming more conscious of their diagnosis and ready to ask for more inclusive workplaces, according to Key Sargent, director of WorkPlace at the HOK international office.


By looking at workplaces as a huge ecosystem, we can recognise the value of each individual through optimisation of time, enhancement and support of his or her work environment. The broader view of the business environment benefits all employees, clients and employers.

The new values help companies to be more flexible, to improve employee well-being and belonging skills, to increase the access and retention of talent and to improve their image. In discussions on restarting workspace at the end of the pandemic, a more comprehensive understanding of the areas and people is needed than ever.

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