Landscape Architecture – “Design Within Nature”


There are many branches of architecture which include Interiors, Urban Development, Restoration etc. The landscape is a study of designing outdoor and indoor spaces with nature and green elements. A good architecture building will always let nature in. A good architect will never design a building by hurting nature in any way.

Landscape architecture is the key study to sustain the environment and to retain everything that beautifies nature. Landscape revolves around three main pillars I.e sustainable development, social equality and economic well being. By thoughtful vegetation choices and water, management development can help nature to sustain for a longer period for mankind.


Landscape and its factors to sustain the environment!

As every design or study comprises various factors which defines it and what makes It worth adapting in daily life. The five basic elements of landscape design are Line, Form, Scale, colour and Texture. To bring harmony and balance in the given space, it is very important to understand all these factors.

Landscape further comprises two parts I.e Hard landscape and soft landscape. The hard landscape is all about heavy elements of the landscape for example. Stones, rocks, driveways, wooden and metal statues beautify the space. Soft landscape on the other hand is all about the study of different bushes, trees, sand, plants etc. One can easily figure out the difference by the names themselves.


Why landscape architecture is Important?

As we all know how important is to protect nature and aware people of the wonders it can do for us. In the world Of pandemic where everyone is struggling for oxygen, is a lesson for every person who suffered. To avoid any imbalance in nature we must take protective measures starting from now.

The landscape revolves around ecological balance and with this, we can avoid toxic elements entering our environment. It will help our planet in weather control and several other things like the healing of the ozone layer.

“Study Nature, Love Nature, Stay Close to Nature. It will never Fail You” – Frank Lloyd Wright”

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