The Worlds Most And Water Tight Rolling Shower Screen

Shower curtains do not require a rod or hooks, and it is less vulnerable and expensive than the doors/partitions in the refrozen glass shower.

JoyFous takes an existing shower curtain and gives it a much-needed design upgrade. The JoyFous is a sleek, slim retractable screen designed for three-walled bathrooms (with a curtain on the fourth wall) that can be removed and pulled back before and after your bath. It’s a much better alternative to the shower’s torrent, which is difficult to let water flow into the bathroom… It’s also a lot less expensive than those frosted slices, and it’s not as fragile or breakable.

Retractable Rolling Shower Screen
Retractable Rolling Shower Screen

The JoyFous is the next generation of waterproof, rolling bath shower that maximises shower space while keeping your shower free of mould and mildew.

Retractable Rolling Shower Screen

JoyFous works in the same way that retractable blinds do, creating a nice privacy section during your bath or simply a lazy bathroom with some candles and bubble… It also keeps water inside your bath so you don’t walk on a smooth, wet bathroom floor. It also has a one-of-a-kind water-dam feature.

The JoyFous shower screen is housed in a slim holder that is vertically mounted on one of the three walls and has a hook on the opposite side.If you want privacy, simply pull out and hook the retractable blind, and you have a clean and secluded bathroom that also ensures your pool does not spill out, keeping water- and dry areas separate. The JoyFous fabric has three properties: it is mildew-resistant, mold-resistant, water-resistant, and dust-repellant. Because of its retractable design, it also comes in a variety of sizes, ranging from 53′′ to 78′′ long bathrooms. It is simpler to use, less troublesome to maintain, and far less expensive than these bulky, ruptured glass panels. The JoyFous can be boiled or glued in place without the need for installation.

Complete Wet-Dry Separation

Fully retractable design – With a smooth roll-out design, the JoyFous design allows you to easily reach your own shower world. Simply remove the JoyFous screen in a straight line from wall to wall and attach the handle to the opposite wall.

When you’re not showering, the JoyFous is nearly invisible. He pulls himself completely into his case in a smooth roll. Entrust the entire bathroom to make your bathroom clean and spacious. Without glass doors or wet curtains, the corner is crowded.

Seal-tight Threshold Water Dam – JoyFous offers a waterproof seal that prevents water from escaping, even when carried with a screen designed to withstand even the most powerful showerheads.

Water will not escape through cracks in the walls or floor thanks to the silicone sealing bands that lined the JoyFous frame.

In addition, the JoyFous can be extended to any shower room. It measures 53 to 78 inches in length and is suitable for all three-wall bathrooms.

3 Layers of Mold-proof Materials

According to studies, the shower curtain in most homes contains up to 60 times more bacteria than the toilet seat.

JoyFous rolling shower screen uses three layers of mildew-resistant material to prevent mould and mildew from forming after years of use. The waterproof silicone coatings on both sides block water molecules, making the product airtight, watertight, and dust-repellent. They also allow air to enter. Meanwhile, the screen’s core layer is made of a fibreglass fabric that has been treated with the same waterproofing process as an outdoor camper.

And the JoyFous waterproof display dries quickly. So quickly that the rigorous SGS standard testing for antibacterial materials has been passed that you won’t have to wait ages for it to dry before storing it.

Odor-free & Skin Friendly

The JoyFous is made of 100% skin-friendly and child-safe materials that are free of heavy metals.

Furthermore, the JoyFous will not deviate from its original shape. It is wrapped in flexible fibreglass and reverberates in two layers of soft, long-lasting silicone, making it more durable than glass shower doors and stronger than flimsy shower curtains.

Easy to Install

Drill-free mounting – Easy glue installation ensures that it fits snugly in any room without damaging the wall. There are no tools required for installation or downloading, so it is as simple as that.

Secure Drilling Installation – Even if your bathroom requires extra tightness, JoyFous is completely DIY and simple to instal.

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